Granite is a natural stone that has been partly formed by magma. Different minerals result in the formation of different coloured granites, which is where is colour variations come from – each slab of granite is unique. Granite comes in a large variety of colours.

Using granite in your home – in the kitchen or bathroom – will add value to your property. Granite is very popular for kitchen counter tops as it is very durable. Other uses for granite are: reception counters, bar tops, vanities, window sills, fire places and staircases.


Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from regional or sedimentary carbonate rocks – either limestone or dolomite rock. Because of its formation marble is not a hard stone and therefore scratches easily and is very porous. It is not suitable for the kitchen, or areas where you need durability.

Marble is mainly used as a decorative material in bathrooms and entrances. Marble gives you the opportunity to add elegance to your home or office. Comes in beautiful colours, which can add warmth to any application.


Quartz comprise over 93% natural quartz, which is hard, strong, and resistant to scratch, shock and compression and 7% of pigments and resins. The prescribed mixture results in a product that is non-porous, exceedingly durable, and more than twice as strong as granite.

Moreover, it is durable and maintenance-free, resistant to heat, staining and acid damage.

Quartz is ideal material for wall cladding, floors and counter tops.